316 Ti

These aren’t your average pots and pans. Saladmaster cookware is made with the highest quality materials and built to last. Most cookware is made from soft metals that, when heated, expand enough to allow food to get stuck. This means two things: tough cleaning and tons of oil. Even non-stick pans can be affected by the natural acids and salts in our food, which can end up degrading the non-stick coating.
Saladmaster products are made out of 316 Titanium Steel, which is the highest grade of steel used in the cookware industry. It’s corrosion proof, easy to clean, and doesn’t expand like other metals. The titanium is also only used in Saladmaster products, so you can’t experience this quality with any other brand.
This cookware also differs from most because of its uniquely detachable handles. They make it super simple to turn your cookware into serveware instantly. Removing the handles also makes storage a breeze and helps you fit it into the dishwasher for quicker cleanup!
Tired of constantly stirring your food while cooking? Saladmaster pots are lined with heat conducting alloys throughout—not just at the bottom. That means that your entire pot of food is the same temperature, and you’re not left scrubbing afterward.
One of the most amazing parts of Saladmaster cookware are in the lids. Each lid includes a patented Vapo Valve, which activates at certain temperatures, like those below steaming and boiling. You might wonder why temperature control is so important in cookware. Well, temperature plays a huge part in the nutrition of your food. This is the biggest reason why we sell these products. Saladmaster cookware is absolutely the best there is when it comes to cooking nutritious meals.
If it sounds too good to be true, we’re here to tell you that it absolutely isn’t! But we won’t just tell you—we’ll prove it to you. We use Saladmaster products in every class and in our home. We’re so excited to teach you all about these amazing products and how they can improve your food and change your life!